Sign Smith ASL Series

Vcom3D's Sign Smith ASL Series is the best app for learning American Sign Language. The words are listed by Category and Alphabetically, so searching for vocabulary is easy. See the sign, hear the word, and see the word. Perfect for adults learning basic ASL and for children who are learning sign and reading.

Sign Smith ASL Ultimate

Sign Smith ASL Ultimate contains more than 1,200 signs! You'll have everything you need to begin communicating in this visually rich language. For just $4.99, the SigningAvatar® characters show you how to sign the ASL Alphabet, count, communicate at work, at school and anywhere!

Sign Smith ASL Essential

Sign Smith ASL Essential, with 100 signs, will teach you the ASL Alphabet, how to count to 20, and sign basic feelings and personal descriptions. All for just 99¢!

Sign Smith ASL Lite

Sign Smith ASL LITE, available for free, is perfect for learning greetings and basic words. With 20 signs available, learn how to say "hello, how are you?", "I love you", and several other greetings.

Screenshots of Sign Smith ASL Ultimate:

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