Signs 4 Baby

Delivered to iTunes November 1

"Signs 4 Baby" - Teaching your Baby American Sign Language has never been easier!

Babies possess a natural need to communicate. However, until they learn to speak, they must rely on gestures and you guessed it - crying!

Teaching American Sign Language is an EXCELLENT way to help your baby communicate before they possess the ability to verbalize what they need.

At Vcom3D, we are proponents of teaching true ASL. Why not teach your child a beautiful language while at the same time, help lower their frustration, lessen crying time, and improve their intelligence?

"Signs 4 Baby" supports teaching ASL to your baby! The BENEFITS are endless. Babies who learn to communicate using ASL before developing language skills are likely to have higher IQs, better problem-solving abilities, higher self esteem and happiness as well as speak earlier and develop a larger vocabulary.

The biggest benefit of all is strengthening the bond between parent and child.

At about the age of 6 months, your baby is ready to learn. You'll see fewer temper tantrums and less fussiness when your baby can sign to you.

It's never too late to get started.

This volume contains 198 signs. We plan to have more signs available soon!

Words are listed alphabetically and by learning category. Simply touch the word you want to learn. You will hear the word spoken one time along with the sign. While viewing the signs, you can move the 3D character around to give you optimal viewing of the handshapes. Tap the screen once and the controls appear allowing you to change the signing speed, return the character to her home position, or loop to view the sign as many times as you need.

The quiz feature will help you evaluate how well you are doing! The character signs a word several times for you and you choose between three meanings. You'll know right away if you got it right!

• Return the character to her default position - Tap on the screen once and hit the Home button.
• Adjust the signing speed - Tap on the screen once and use the slider.
• Zoom in - Spread 2 fingers across screen.
• Zoom out - Bring 2 fingers back together.
• Rotate - Swipe with one finger.
• Pan - Use 2 fingers to grab and move character.

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